Health outcomes from
long-term customers
Fall 2017

Results from Big Data Survey:

Fullness &
Better Blood

Additional Results

90% reported

Stronger body - less sick
Recovery from night out
Recovery from workouts
Consumed fewer snacks
Fewer mid-day crashes
Started eating better
Longer concentration
Felt better mentally
Had fewer cravings
Felt fuller, longer
Improved health
Improved focus
Better mood
More energy
More alert
Felt better

80% reported

Stronger faster growing nails
Better short-term memory
Improved multi-tasking
Improved mental clarity
Improved taste buds
Faster recall of info
Improved digestion
Less forgetfulness
Stronger body

70% reported

Eating a healthier diet if you have a chronic disease
Had healthier, shinier hair
Better long-term memory
Better medical results
Better muscle tone
Desired less sugar
Less inflammation
Had radiant skin
Slept better
Less stress
Less pain

60% reported

Less morning puffiness
Less joint pain
More passion
Improved Skin

50% reported

Loss of weight or inches
Comments on appearance
Lost Inches

Conclusions of Health Outcomes

Nutrient customers, who got our foods each month, were asked a series of questions about how they felt. We know that the foods provide nourishment, because they contain all the essential nutrients. What was surprising was that the customers experienced a wide range of seemingly unrelated benefits.
  • Weight related: felt fuller, ate healthier foods, and lost weight and inches
  • Looked better: others commented on their appearance, and reported having nicer hair, skin, and nails
  • General feelings: better sleep, less stress, and more energy
  • Health related: improved health, felt stronger, lower blood pressure
  • Brain-related: better focus, mental clarity, concentration, and better short- and long-term memory

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